Welcome to our Innervation Chiropractic team page. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know us and we look forward to getting to know you when we see you in our practice.


Dr Candice Haynes



Candice was lucky enough to have been introduced to the world of chiropractic as a young child and has very fond memories of family visits to their chiropractor. From about the age of 12, Candice had decided that she wanted to be a chiropractor and that is when her journey truly began. She studied at Murdoch University and with the support of family and lots of hard work, Candice achieved her goal of becoming a chiropractor in 2009. Candice has loved working in the Kelmscott community since 2009 and is so grateful to work with such an inspiring team at Innervation! Since graduation Candice has worked hard at building her practice to help support the families in the Kelmscott community. During that time she received the young chiropractor of the year award and served a number of years on the board of the chiropractic association of australia as student liaison.  Candice is also a proud wife and mum and is a very passionate individual.


Dr Nadia Vind



Nadia began her chiropractic journey when she was 10 years old, and from there her curiosity grew. She completed her chiropractic studies at Murdoch University, completing the 5 year degree with her eyes wide open and excited to make an impact on peoples love for life! While at university she participated in many extracurricular activities, taking her to Texas, USA for student congress and Tom Price to serve the rural communities in the Pilbara. Being able to connect with people every day and help them reach higher and higher towards their dreams and goals for their life is what inspires Nadia to bring her best every day. Nadia fills her life with joy, she loves hiking and being outdoors; especially in love with the beach. As well as a passion for travel, she finds most of her joy spending time with her partner, Rory, family and friends. She has been able to incorporate her knowledge and passion of body movement into her practice to help serve the communities she works with. She firmly believes humans of all ages are capable of healing and she loves being part of that healing journey, watching people get more of what they want out of life.


Dr Kristina Faulkner



Kristina was 14 years old when she first saw a chiropractor. Since then, her passion for chiropractic was born and she wanted to learn more about how she could help people's bodies function better. Kristina studied Chiropractic at Murdoch University and was fortunate enough to participate in Hands on India, a volunteer trip in which students and experienced chiropractors travel to rural India to treat those who have limited access to proper health care. Since learning about the causes of spinal misalignment, Kristina has a real interest helping reduce these through improved nutrition, exercise and a reduction in emotional stress. This has led her to pursue further studies in Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), Applied Kinesiology (AK) and SacroOccipital Technique (S.O.T) as well as paediatrics. Kristina and her husband are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with good food, exercise and regular chiropractic care.


Dr Amy Chant



Amy experienced the value and benefit of chiropractic from a young age, when both her and her Dad would go get adjusted by their family chiropractor. She always found the human body fascinating in how it works and what it is able to accomplish. These two things, as well as her passion for interacting with and helping people, led her to her own studies in chiropractic. Each day is a new and exciting opportunity for her to help people achieve their goals and get their bodies functioning at their best. Allowing people to do all the things they love is where her true passion lies and she loves to be part of this journey for people. 



Practice Manager


Jackie has been apart of the Innervation Team since 2019, and absolutely loves helping all the amazing people that come into our office. She was first introduced to Chiropractic in 2013, and enjoys absorbing as much information about the body and nervous system as possible. In her spare time, Jackie enjoys yoga, bush walks with her golden doodles Ollie & Oscar, live music, and spending time with her Partner, Adam. She enjoys traveling around the world with her partner, as well as learning new things and taking on new challenges daily!


Chiropractic Assistant


Angy has been part of our team since 2013. She loves working as a chiropractic assistant and meeting all of the amazing people that come into the practice. As a CA Angy is very giving  and she loves the joy and kindness she receives from all of our clients. Angy is a mum of 4 amazing adults and an Oma to 3 granddaughters and one grandson.  Her family is her passion and much of Angy's time is spent doing things for her family. For the past 8 years Angy has been transforming her life through the study of spirituality and she enjoys the meditative state of being when doing hand craft. 



Chiropractic Assistant


Cree is an advocate for nature and the healing potential it provides. She is out in the garden or by the ocean when she has the time, as this is what helps her relax and pause. She is currently half way through her degree to becoming a Naturopath and has a huge passion for holistic health, and believes every person deserves to be full of vitality. She is loving being within a workplace that is full of loving supportive women that make work effortless and so enjoyable.



Chiropractic Assistant


Stormie has a passion for natural health and she is really enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the scope of chiropractic care since starting at Innervation.
When she is not at work she is engaged with spiritual studies in higher consciousness, spending time with her partner or communing with nature!