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Our Appointment Policies

As you can imagine to allow us to continue our highest levels of services we require some appointment policies. Our two policies are located below. The first policy is based around missed appointments and our second policy is for our clients using medicare based services. 

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Missed appointment and Medicare Policies:

 Missed Appointments Policy:

- 1st Missed Appointment: No fee will apply, but we will issue a friendly reminder to help prevent future missed appointments.​

- 2nd Missed Appointment: A nominal fee of $20 will be applied to your account.

- 3rd Missed Appointment: The full consultation fee will be charged for any subsequent missed appointments.

*Please note: Any appointment that has been changed within 4 hours of your appointment will count as a missed appointment.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and emergencies can happen. Rest assured, our primary goal is to provide the best service possible to all our clients. By implementing this policy, we aim to minimize the number of empty appointment slots and optimize our scheduling system for the benefit of everyone.

Chronic Disease Management Policy:

  1. Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) Referral: If you have been prescribed an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) by your General Practitioner (GP) for chiropractic services, please ensure that your GP sends us the referral form. While faxed referrals are accepted, we recommend obtaining a hard copy for your records.

  2. Utilizing Your EPC Plan: Upon receiving your referral before your next appointment, we can begin utilizing your EPC plan. However, if we have not received your referral before your next appointment, we will need to enter your information into our system, and your EPC visits cannot be processed until your subsequent appointment.

  3. Coverage and Renewal: An EPC plan provides for up to 5 rebated consultations per calendar year with any referred allied health practitioner. This plan is renewed annually, requiring a new referral each year for continued access.

  4. Rebate Process: While Medicare subsidizes these sessions, patients are required to pay the full fee upfront. We do not charge a gap fee. The Medicare rebate covers $58.30, which will be refunded back to your cheque or savings account on the day of your appointment. If Medicare is temporarily unavailable, you will be required to pay the $58.30 upfront and claim reimbursement directly from Medicare using the receipts provided.

  5. Payment Process: Payments can be made using savings or cheque accounts only. Credit card accounts are not accepted for EPC rebates. Upon payment, your pin will be required twice: first to deduct the Medicare fee, and then again to reimburse the fee.

  6. Temporary Medicare Outages: In case Medicare is temporarily unavailable, only the EPC consultation fee of $58.30 will be charged. Receipts will be provided for you to claim reimbursement via the Medicare App or at any Medicare branch.


  • Medicare rebates are available for chiropractic services under the EPC program.

  • Patients receive a rebate of $58.30 for up to 5 visits per calendar year, including all allocated allied health visits.

  • There is no gap fee for EPC consultations.

  • Rebates can be processed on-the-spot, deposited directly into your cheque/savings account if available, or claimed back using receipts provided for temporary Medicare outages.


For any further information please contact us:

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