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Q: Do we require X-Rays ?

A: After a thorough examination and history our chiropractors will decide whether x-rays are a necessity or not. If the chiropractor deems x-rays as a necessity it will be because they need more information to determine a diagnosis and therefore be able to prepare an accurate care plan and realistic time-frames.


If x-rays are required we will refer you to a local bulk billing x-ray facility.


Q: Where can I park?

A: Our car park is located to the left off turner place.

Q: Can I bring my kids when I get adjusted?

A: Definitely! Our office is set up with a kids play room and baby change facility, baby bouncer, and fruit for the kids.

Q: Do we work with pregnant women?

A: We do work with pregnant women. In fact most of our chiropractors have spent many hours in further learning to ensure pregnant women are under amazing care in our practice.


Q: What techniques do we use?

A: Between our three chiropractors we have furthered our studies with many varied techniques. To name a few, we utilise diversified technique, SOT, thompson technique and activator method. Please mention preferences, if any, when booking.

Q: What ages do we care for?

A: After a thorough examination we care for all ages from newborn upwards. Each of our chiropractors has been trained to work with all ages and they will ensure that your care plan is tailored towards your age and specific body function and ability.

Q: Why are there two appointments before I receive my first adjustment?

A: This is to ensure the chiropractor has all of the information compiled to create an individually tailored care plan that will help you to hit you goals in the fastest time possible. The first appointment is the initial consultation where your chiropractor will perform a thorough history and chiropractic examination including orthopaedic and neurological examinations. After the completion of your initial consultation the chiropractor will decide if x-rays are required.

The second appointment is your report of findings. This visit includes the chiropractor explaining to you how chiropractic works, what your x-ray and examination findings are as well as showing you your results of your posture screening. Your chiropractor will have created your tailored care plan and will explain how that care plan will help you to reach your goals. If you decide to begin care on that day the we will have set aside time for you to be adjusted straight after your report of findings.

why 2 appointments before my first adjustment

Our core values

Fun – Our personality and positive energy leaves you feeling great while celebrating success
Fresh – We are free and flexible to try new things and truly enjoy the adventure that life is.
Warm – we are sweet and inviting which allows a relaxed atmosphere for you to resonate with and for you to feel supported in.
Local – We love to support the community around us by being supportive and creating value for everyone.
Natural – Allow nature to ground you, switch off and nourish you and your health.
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Q: Do we accept private health?

A: We do accept most private health companies, and have a health point system to claim your appointment on the day. Please check with your health fund provider if you currently have Chiropractic care on your extras plan.

Q: Can chiropractic be claimed through Medicare Australia?

A: Yes, eligible patients are able to claim up to 5 visits per calendar year for chiropractic and other allied health care services. You must obtain a referral from you GP first, and then you can claim Medicare benefits.

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